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CONTRIBUTORS TO SCAB TRANSLATION: Suzi Adams, Johann Michel, Johann Arnason, Jean-Luc Amalric, George Taylor, Francois Dosse

To: Sarah Campbell
Sent: Thursday, September 7, 2017 10:28 PM
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Dear Sarah Campbell:

Thank you for your kindness in writing back to me.

Of course, now that you have replied and made specific claims, it is not possible for you simply to refuse further exchanges.

I understand your reluctance to engage in such an exchange, given your previous, thoroughly embarrassing threat, as head of "Philosophy" for Continuum Books, to sue me over my use of quotation marks:


As one saw in that earlier exchange, you did not understand what a scab translation is.  Your reply now, simply claiming (without providing proof) that you have a valid contract, indicates that you still have not learned what is involved in a labor dispute.  Just as it wouldn't be convincing to say that one has a contract with General Motors, so one would have a "right" to cross a labor picket line there, it is unconvincing now for you to pretend that having a contract authorized by the Castoriadis heirs frees you from all moral and ethical responsibilities.  

It was unbecoming of you then to claim some connection with "philosophy" while actually censoring a post of mine on a publicly available website and threatening to sue me for using quotation marks.  It  is unbecoming of you now to be publishing work of the most radical political advocate of worker rights in the second half of the twentieth century while claiming that having a contract with a violator of workers' rights (the Castoriadis heirs) frees your company from having to take an informed stand in relation to the true, full issue at hand.

Specifically, the Castoriadis heirs negotiated a labor agreement with me but then broke off all negotiations at the exact moment they came to an agreement with me: https://www.kaloskaisophos.org/rt/rtdac/5viii03.html That is  the very definition of bad-faith negotiating.

You need to suspend all distribution of this scab translation immediately and urge the Castoriadis heirs to return forthwith to the bargaining table.

Otherwise, your press will appear, publicly, as indifferent to labor rights, just a few days after Labor Day in the US.

This exchange will be posted online at the end of the day tomorrow.  I will include all publicly available e-addresses of Rowman and Littlefield International staff and partners.  They should know that the reputation of their company and their own reputations are now on the line, as their names will be online by Friday evening and will continue to be so for decades to come.  

Should any of the Rowman staff or Rowman partners wish to dissociate themselves publicly from your current position before that time, I will gladly include in the online posting statements to that effect.

All the contributors to the volume, and especially the translator Scott Davidson, are also hereby being given an opportunity to dissociate themselves from this scab translation by the Friday deadline.  Otherwise, their names, too, will be associated publicly with this professionally unethical scab translation.

All this factual information sharing is done to serve the public interest and is an exercise of free speech for labor rights.  So, there is no point in making any more of your idle threats of lawsuits.

Everyone who receives the present e-missive needs to get out in front of this problem right away.  Hiding and refusing dialogue will only compound the public opprobrium that will befall you.

There is an ethical way forward.  Avail yourselves of it now.  Cease all distribution now.


David Ames Curtis

From: Sarah Campbell <scampbell@rowman.com>
Sent: Thursday, September 7, 2017 3:25 PM
To: David Curtis
Subject: RE: Please Cease Immediately All Distribution of Your Book Ricoeur and Castoriadis

Dear David Ames Curtis


We have received your email, but since we have a legitimate agreement to publish with the original French publisher, acting on behalf of the Castoriadis estate, we do not intend to engage in a discussion and will not respond to further messages from you.


Yours sincerely

Sarah Campbell

Publisher, Rowman & Littlefield International


From: David Curtis [mailto:davidamescurtis@hotmail.com] 
Sent: 31 August 2017 16:35
To: Oliver Gadsby; Linda Ganster; Sarah Campbell; Isobel Cowper-Coles; Dhara Snowden; Holly Tyler; Rebecca Anastasi
Subject: Please Cease Immediately All Distribution of Your Book Ricoeur and Castoriadis


Dear Rowman & Littlefield International:

Please cease immediately all distribution of your book Ricoeur and Castoriadis in Discussion On Human Creation, Historical Novelty, and the Social Imaginary http://www.rowmaninternational.com/book/ricoeur_and_castoriadis_in_discussion/3-156-fd5e1016-0462-473e-a654-fedd1d78bbf2

Editor Suzi Adams and Johann Arnason, who wrote the Preface, should have informed you that there is an ongoing, unresolved labor dispute around the publication of the works of Cornelius Castoriadis in English-language translation.  I am owed several thousands of dollars for translation work I completed under contract for publication, but Castoriadis's widow and daughter and their Association Cornelius Castoriadis, after engaging me to do this work (I was a close collaborator and a friend of Castoriadis for the final thirteen years of his life, translating and editing more than a million words of his writings), broke off all contact precisely at the moment when an agreement was reached among all parties to move forward together.  This is a classic case of bad-faith negotiation.

See "8-Point Agreement Drafted by Zoe Castoriadis and David Ames Curtis" https://www.kaloskaisophos.org/rt/rtdac/8-pointagreement.html and "Letter to Sparta Castoriadis from David Ames Curtis" https://www.kaloskaisophos.org/rt/rtdac/5viii03.html as well as Castoriadis's written appreciation of me and my work https://www.kaloskaisophos.org/rt/rtdac/rtdac.html#LETTER

The only proper, professionally ethical thing to do is to inform the Castoriadis heirs and their Association Cornelius Castoriadis that this book will not be released and distributed before they come back to the bargaining table and resolve all outstanding issues.  

It is not worth it for your publishing firm to subject itself to international opprobrium.  You must cease all distribution of this scab translation right now in order to avoid a permanent black mark on your company's reputation.  A copy of this letter will be posted online, along with any response (or a notation of a failure to respond), so that everyone will know how you handle this scandal you have been brought into either willingly or without your knowledge.   The best thing, in cases like this, companies now know, is to get out in front of the problem and avoid further embarrassment. Cover-ups and avoidance only compound the discredit that has been brought down upon you.

Please note that I have received word that this 1985 Ricoeur/Castoriadis radio discussion has been  translated from the French and edited anonymously as a public service in Postscript on Insignificancy, including More Interviews and Discussions on the Rising Tide of Insignificancy, followed by Six Dialogues, Four Portraits and Two Book Reviews. The .pdf of his second edition (August 2017) has been placed here: http://www.notbored.org/PSRTI.pdf 

The Anonymous Translator's Postscript to this second edition states (p. liii):

The present pirate translation, available in
the second edition of PSRTI, makes it possible for all English-speaking
people to read Castoriadis's radio dialogue with
Ricoeur without being obliged to have recourse to a scab
translation, which itself should be boycotted by all if the
publishers do indeed bring it out next month. The six
academic contributors listed above are urged to make their
texts available online (e.g., on academia.edu, 
as Adams has
already done
) so that no one will be forced to buy a scab
translation simply to participate in the free exchange of ideas.

Looking forward to your response.  It would be all to your credit not only to cease distribution but to write to Mme Castoriadis and urge her and her association to resume negotiations in good faith.


David Ames Curtis